Dental x-rays during pregnancy are best avoided during the first trimester. The x-ray poses many risks to the unborn baby that most doctors (and parents) would rather not risk. If it is at all possible, dentists will not perform dental x-rays east los angeles during pregnancy. If the dentist determines that avoiding the x-ray is more harmful than getting the x-ray, he’ll likely go ahead and order the testing, but will do everything possible to protect the baby.

Since there is little exposure to the fetus during a dental X-Ray, it may not be as dangerous as some people suspect. The American Academy of Family Physicians says that all X-Rays during pregnancy should be avoided, while other sources say differently and that it will not cause any harm to the unborn baby. You should trust that your dentist will make the best decision concerning the need for an X-ray during pregnancy.

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If you are uncomfortable with the X-ray during pregnancy, alert your dental provider ahead of any procedures. He’ll discuss the risks of the x-ray versus the risks of not getting the x-ray so you can decide if you want to avoid the procedure or go ahead and get things taken care of. The American College of Radiology report that there have been no adverse effects to the fetus when a dental X-ray is performed.

It is important to note that you should continue to visit the dentist for dental exams and cleanings while pregnancy, but most other procedures are put on halt until you deliver the baby. There are a number of procedures that may cause infection and other concerns/ harm to the baby that is best avoided.  It’s also a good idea to avoid any dental work apart from cleanings and general exams, after the 2nd trimester.