Pets enjoy going outside. Not only is it the best place to do their business, the fresh air and the chance to stretch their legs is pretty awesome. However, dangers for pets exist outside and as their owner, protecting them from these dangers is important. The following tips help keep your pet safe as he catches the sun rays, warm weather and the fresh air.

Keep fresh water for your pet outside. Replace the water every few hours when it is hot outside because the water heats very quickly. Your dog becomes dehydrated in the hot sun and needs water to replenish him and prevent medical problems.

Pets and cars are not a good combination. Sure, it is acceptable to take Fido with you on a car ride but it is never acceptable to leave a pet in the car, even for short periods of time; even if you crack the car windows. It takes mere minutes for your pet to suffocate in the heat, even if the window is cracked.

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Understand plants that are toxic to animals and make sure none of them grow in your yard. You can find out more about all dangerous plants via a Google search or a conversation via a landscape professional. Included on the list of dangerous plants include Lilly, Ivy, Daffodil, Tulip, and Morning Glory, among others.

You should also schedule residential tick control dunlap. Ticks love pets and they hide in bushes, weeds, and tall grass anywhere in the yard, ready to jump on your dog when he gets the chance. Ticks carry disease and also threaten humans. With the help of professional tick control service, this worry is gone and you’ve done another key step in protecting pets during the summer.