Hiring on security for a school event or other reasons can be a god idea and one that can prevent more problems than they start.  When considering security guard services new Orleans make sure to follow a few guidelines.  These can help you at the time of your event.

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What experience do you have?

Frankly, anyone can dress up in a security guard outfit and be security.  However, not everyone will have the skills and talents required to do the job properly.  The perfect security guard is someone that knows how to spot potential problems and resolve them before they escalate into are larger issue.  They can form a good relationship with others and put them at ease and is not someone who will flip on a dime if an issue arises.

Violent behavior

If you have been looking at security recently you may have noticed a small trend of excessive violence in security.  When it comes to children and those in school, it seems that security guards are causing more issues then they were placed there to prevent.  When hiring on a security guard for your needs ask them about their past with violence.  Talk to them about specific situations where they had to use excessive force and why they thought it was a necessity.

Quiz your security

Find a security handbook or manual that the company you are looking to hire from is using to train their security guards and ask potential guards questions found in the book.  Review their answers and ask them questions about specific situations and how they will resolve them.

Hiring a security presence for your event may seem like a simple task, however, making sure that you are not employing a bunch of people who will cause more issues than they are hired to resolve is also important.  The reputation of your school, event and occasion is on the line.  Hire the right people to ensure safety and your event will grow each year.